Is WordPress Safe For eCommerce


WordPress is among the top website-building platforms. If you consult a web development company, WordPress is a widespread Content Management System. Users get more attracted to WordPress as it is free of cost and also assists the user in managing the content conveniently. Some users ditch WordPress to build their website because of the guess that it is convenient to use but maybe dicey at the same time.

Talking about the eCommerce websites, Originally, WordPress was not constructed for the eCommerce sector, so it’s obvious to be concerned about eCommerce development on WordPress. Running an eCommerce website involves numerous errands and serious risks that may lead to some considerable safety and security glitches.

E-commerce business responsibilities include:

  1. Managing personal data of customers (contact and credit or debit card details).
  2. Secure supervision of payment processes.
  3. Noticing and evading potential fraud approaches.
  4. Make sure that received orders are processed properly and safely delivered to customers.
  5. Meeting and maintaining online security and web safekeeping ethics.
  6. Conforming with various business and consumer protection laws.

Now coming to, is WordPress safe for eCommerce development. The fact is, WordPress is a harmless and dependable platform for all kinds of websites and their processes. There are abundant renowned websites including eCommerce websites that are running effortlessly and superbly on WordPress. The platform guarantees complete safekeeping for the websites but still, users should also take all essential actions from their side to assure the security of their websites.

WordPress takes all safety actions for the security of your website:

  1. WordPress integrates valuable features for the safety of websites running on it including SSL certificate incorporation, well-examined WordPress themes, safety plugins, hard login requirements (passwords), and protected payment gateway incorporation. 
  2. WordPress holds the responsibility for the safety of its websites. In case they detect any security matter on the platform, they make sure to immediately inform the user about such kinds of stuff.
  3. The WordPress project team works in association with another team that analyses themes on the platform. The project team strictly inspects any new themes or plugins approved over to the source.
  4. If they perceive any plugin or theme-related safety issue, the WordPress team works concurrently with developers to resolve the problem and then update their users about the amendments done.
  5. WordPress performs regular authentication to ensure that all plugins and themes used on the platform are safe and secure.

Influences that may compromise with the well-being of eCommerce websites running on WordPress:

Hacking is the most critical concern while running an eCommerce website. The hacking of eCommerce websites on WordPress mostly happens due to other reasons, not because of the risks associated with the main platform.

Some factors that make such websites susceptible to hacking are:

  1. Feeble WordPress administrator password.
  2. Doubtful host control panel.
  3. Uncertain website server.
  4. An unprotected plugin or theme.
  5. Insecure internet connection.
  6. Vulnerable domain registrar account.
  7. The intrusion of a computer by malware.

Sometimes users themselves make their websites insecure and prone to hacking. You should consider a secure plugin or theme, a harmless domain registrar account, a secure internet connection, a safe website server, and a strong admin login password to retain your website protected. It is better to be aware of the reasons that can negotiate the security of your WordPress websites.

Remarkable reasons why WordPress is safe and reliable for eCommerce:

WordPress is safe enough to prevent hackers from cutting into your eCommerce website. If the fundamental WordPress is secure, that means your website is partially protected too. In addition to the default security solutions, your WordPress eCommerce site will barely get hacked because of these significant factors.

Safety plugins for eCommerce websites

Security plugins are one of the best things about WordPress. Its functionality can be extremely protracted by plugins. Several plugins reinforce the security of your WordPress website. Plugins screen your website’s actions and avoid the most communal attacks. Many free and premium plugins confirm the safety of your core WordPress connection without being security proficient yourself.

Complete control over your eCommerce store

WordPress is designed in a user-friendly manner that proves relaxed and forthright to use for both technical professionals and non-coders. While running an eCommerce store on WordPress, you can effortlessly accomplish your products and content. You are allowed to sell stuff, offer blogs to cheer your services and demonstrate your portfolio at the same time.

Secure passwords

Passwords are most significant when it comes to the security of any website. If your passwords are secure, your website is too. Make sure your website’s authorizations are long, intricate to guess, and strong enough. You should also make sure that your users also practice strong passwords or you can force your registered users via plugins to use complex passwords.

Payment gateway

Most recognized eCommerce websites including WordPress use third-party payment gateways. It ensures that the delicate credentials or credit card data passes through extreme security to the payment gateway. Most eCommerce websites don’t save users’ credit cards or other information except the customer permits. So, the user recognizes that their payment is handled by a reliable partner.

Protected checkouts/SSL

HTTPS or SSL certificates safeguard the security and encoding of data transported. It is not allowed by default on any website, the manager of the website has to get this certificate so that the data users arrive on your eCommerce website is protected and encrypted. It assures the safety of user data as well as receives customers’ faith because they know they are shopping at a safe platform.

Final words

Hopefully, you got your answers that WordPress is safe for eCommerce websites. However, your WordPress eCommerce website will be as secure as you make it. The WordPress security team works day and night to spot and patch security subjects in the core. If you want to relish the customization aptitude of your eCommerce website, it should be optimized, updated, and maintained on regular basis.  Make sure your web development company takes all required steps and safety measures to guard your website.