5 Reasons Why You Should Redesign Your Website


A website is the face of an online business and it upholds the services, products, pricing, and all information your clientele needs to know. It should be engaging and capable enough to convert visitors into customers. If you are not getting desired results, possibly it is time to work on website design to improve user experience, interaction, and ultimately conversions. Apart from conversions, there could be many other reasons behind redesigning a website. It is not necessary to redesign a whole website always, you may need to work on some pages only, and sometimes, you may require to change a few specific elements on the web page like buttons, images, etc. In this blog, LoopNcode figured out the five reasons why it is essential to redesign your website.


Staying Ahead from the Competitors

Competition is everywhere. As far as the online world is concerned, businesses keep eagle eyes on user behavior & activities to improvise interactions and experiences. On the other hand, they also watch what their competitors are doing. If your competitors change their website design time-to-time to uphold users and you are not doing that, you are lacking. It is recommended redesign your website over time to stay ahead of the competitors.

When the Marketing Goals or Objectives are changed

Let’s take a real example. You have started selling products online through your eCommerce store, later you decided to sell in bulk only. For that, you may need to change “Add to Cart” to “Enquiry Now.” In this case, you may need to redesign product and category pages. So, when businesses change their marketing objectives, it may require redesigning the website.

Your Website Looks Out-of-Date

Technology and trends are shifting every day. If your website is constructed on old-fashioned technology, it’s obvious to feel like it looks outdated. Old-looking websites may not appear compelling to your users. That may be the reason you are getting fewer conversions. It's time to get your hands on the latest technology and implement a new strategy. Staying up to date is vital in today’s digital era where people get involved with modern technologies. It will help you level up your marketing planning and accomplish marketing objectives with better efficiency.

Slow Performance of the Website

Slow-performing websites are very annoying that leave a bad experience. Everyone wants fast and easy access to the information they are looking for. Visitors do not like to visit sluggish websites. When a website takes too long to appear, your possible customer may jump to your competitor's site instead of yours. Slow loading negatively impacts the SEO as well. It may be due to poor development or slow hosting service. Even if your website is interactive, if it doesn’t load in a few seconds, it will not help you. So, if that is the issue you need to think about redesigning your website to make it more productive.

It’s Not Mobile-Friendly:

Mobile optimization is a must for your website. A large number of people search for products, services, and information on their smartphones. Having a mobile-responsive website makes sure that you get more visitors and more conversions. If your website is not mobile-friendly you should get in touch with a web designing company and invest in mobile-optimized design. The finest way to make your site more responsive is to employ approachable design ensuring that it adapts to all devices offering a seamless experience to your customers.


Summing up:

Website redesigning may demand your effort, time, and money but it is the key for online business. A redesign aligned with your entire business strategy can help you improve your ranking, and conversation rate and satisfy the wants of your visitors. A revamped website can offer a new face to your business. It can be a brilliant step to refurbish your digital marketing struggles and attain success.